As i found nothing when searching for English translations of Sinhala song lyrics, i thought to translate few i can....even it's not possible to give exact sinhala meaning.. i tried to make it understand some the people who doesn't know Sinhala
So i know there are mistakes please don't hesitate;let me know them for better work

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Saddest Commercial Ever (CRY !!!)

Commercials are getting better all the time and this may be one of the most intense ones I've seen yet. Get your handkerchief out for this one - the story is short but very powerful and is bound to make you cry.
It's better that giving some thing to think and make people awake to see a side that they often don't see....
There are strong sayings like,

"when we live our lives,a question often comes up..Why we were born?What were we born for?For whom do we live.."
which can make people so emotional...

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