As i found nothing when searching for English translations of Sinhala song lyrics, i thought to translate few i can....even it's not possible to give exact sinhala meaning.. i tried to make it understand some the people who doesn't know Sinhala
So i know there are mistakes please don't hesitate;let me know them for better work

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Sanda Mithuri - Kasun Kalhara ft Raj (Lyrics -English translation)


   Fly in the sky with you
   to feel that coldness as i want
   when will you come, to give that chance
   bringing with drops of flowery rains

                   Girl who friend with moon....
                   please make mind so sweet
                   turn drops of tears to bunches of dew

         As world doesn't give me little to be myself
         so,we staying far away and be ourselves
         for give the first steps, to the new world

                  Write that love song which is not for sale
                  make showery rains....
                  to wet the hot midday
                  to grow love from the earth....
                  satisfying the dream... 
                  by burning from the rays..
         As world doesn't let to feel love
         lets stay far away and get wetted by the showery rain 
         give love....for love
         to revive the unauthorised  life.....

English translation of Sanda mithuri by Kasun Kalhara
Translated By:Navodani Vithanage